Practical Wing Chun Switzerland

Urs Joss


I was born 1972, I am married, and father of two girls. I work four days a week as a software engineer.

Martial Background

I used to focus on training Japanese martial arts up to my early twenties: Judo, when I was a child, later Jiu Jitsu, some Okinawa Kobudo and most time and effort in Koykushin Karate. In 2004, I switched to the Chinese way of martial arts. I started training Wing Chun within EWTO (for some time in combination with Escrima), first in Zurich, later in Basel. Early 2011 Sifu Martin Brogaard offered us a sneak preview into Wan Kam Leungs Practical Wing Chun, a convincing interpretation of this art I have been training with enthusiasm since.