Practical Wing Chun Switzerland

Marko Princip


I was born 1976 in Basel. I am a lawyer by training in insurance business. In addition to martial arts, I am fascinated by yoga.

Martial Background

At the age of 18, I started Wing Chun Kung Fu. During my studies, I worked at Securitas, primarily in security services. Suddenly, my hobby became profession. At Securitas I started to be active as self-defense trainer and educated myself in Krav Maga. I stayed in the security service for five years and was glad to have knowledge in self-defense. In addition to Wing Chun I also trained Latosa Escrima for several years. After a reorganization of the Wing Chun School in Basel in 2010, I decided to reorient myself and discovered the Practical Wing Chun of Sifu Wan Kam Leung. I very much enjoy to motivate new students to learn this unique martial art.