Practical Wing Chun Switzerland

Daniel Häring


I was born 1978, I am happily married and live in Sissach. I work as an attorney-at-law in Basel.

Martial Background

Since I was a child I am a devoted martial artist. It all begun with Judo and Karate. Afterwards I practised Taekwondo for several years and was a member of the Swiss National Competition Team. An intensive time of Thaiboxing followed, including competitions. Actually I enjoy the fullcontact training with classical Boxing. In 2001 I started with Wing Chun Kung-Fu (first EWTO, afterwards IWTN). Since 2011 I train under the guidance of Sifu Martin Brogaard Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun – which is, for me, the most convincing and practical interpretation of the Wing Chun-Kung-Fu style.