Practical Wing Chun Switzerland

Cornelia Lenzin


I was born in Basel and I am a professional musician.

Martial Background

I started to practice self-defense  in 1995. In the beginning I trained three years of Wen Do, a self-defense technique for women.
In 1998 I started to train Wing Chun (EWTO) in Basel. Already exercising to wooden dummy techniques  in 2009 I started to doubt the applicability of this Wing Chun style in real life situations and began the search for other styles. A year followed in which I tried out many other Wing Chun styles and also other martial arts as BJJ. I also went to training camps of other styles.
Finally, I discovered the Practical Wing Chun of Sifu Wan Kam Leung in the summer camp 2010 in Amsterdam. I was convinced immediately that this is an immensely efficient and logical system which really can be used for self-defence. It followed a time of efforts to persuade some of my former colleagues of the old Wing Chun school.  An introduction seminar of Sifu Martin Brogaard convinced a group of them. This was the start of a new training community.
After this the restart: Back to Siu Lim Tao in a new style, starting from scratch.
After 3 years of training in the new style, two training visits in Hong Kong I had now my first impressions of Biu Jee (3rd form) and feel ready to start teaching the new style.