Practical Wing Chun Switzerland

Christian Gstöttmayr


Born 1974 in Munich, happily married and father of two sons I moved to the Basel area in 2002 for job reasons. Currently I am working as a project manager in Kaiseraugst. Beside martial arts I am interested in photography and compositing.

Martial Background

During my youth I was rather not interested in any sports aside from some sporadic lessons in Judo and Tae Kwon Do. Only during my time at university (chemistry) I started to work out and in 2000 eventually found my passion for wing chun (within EWTO back then). I was immediately fascinated by this system and intensively trained to conclude my student grades within 3 years. I received my 1. technician grade after moving to Basel in 2003 and at that time also started to assist teaching /conduct trainings. By the end of 2010 I had concluded the weaponless system. Especially in the later years I started in parallel to attend/conduct also the MMA training that our school back then was offering also to non-members of other martial arts.

Beginning of 2011 Cornelia finally made me aware of Practical Wing Chun by Wan Kam Leung and after only one seminar with Sifu Martin Brogaard, a direct pupil of Wan Kam Leung I was ready to more or less start from scratch. To this day I have never regretted this significant decision.

Since that time as a replacement for the missing MMA training I also began to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Team Basel (blue belt), as an addition to the standup system wing chun.