Practical Wing Chun Switzerland


What is PWC?

Wing Chun in general is a Chinese self-defense system. Practical Wing Chun (PWC) is based on efficient, logical and effortless movements which are easy to learn.


Why do we call it Practical Wing Chun?

Wing Chun consists of lots of different variations, reflecting individual interpretations of each master. Our system is the result of the studies of grandmaster Wan Kam Leung, who, over the years, has been simplifying and optimizing the classical Wing Chun style to make it even more effective. Hence the name Practical Wing Chun. The Swiss branch is supervised by Sifu Martin Brogaard, the Danish national trainer.


Who can participate in training?

Practical Wing Chun is suitable for everybody, independent of size, sex and age. Brute force and acrobatic skills are not of major advantage to learn the style.


What are the benefits of the training?

Besides learning an effective method of self-defense, stamina and confidence will improve, resulting in an increased sense of well-being. Motor skills and the resulting body control and coordination will significantly improve over time. These aspects will give you a major advantage also in other sports as well as in daily life. Last but not least it is great fun to train in a relaxed atmosphere within a nice team.